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How do we select and classify the credit cards presented on our site?

Our selection process is personalised, objective, and individual to each user. We collect real-time data on interest rates, fees, rewards and benefits for each card. In addition, we take into account not only the opinions of our financial experts, but also those of the users themselves based on their previous feedback and suggestions. We also monitor market trends and industry changes that allow us to rank these cards according to the current financial landscape. It should be emphasised that our ratings are not influenced by any association or affiliation with financial institutions. It is a clear, transparent and independent process to ensure that our recommendations are strictly unbiased.

Are the reviews on our site authentic and how are they verified?

Yes, we ensure that all reviews are authentic and from real cardholders. We verify the identity of reviewers through purchase records or other multi-step verification processes. A strict moderation process is also in place to prevent fake or fraudulent reviews, and we do not allow employees of affiliated banks or our own site to write reviews. In addition, users can report reviews that appear suspicious, and we investigate them. With these measures, we ensure that the reviews you read are trustworthy and completely authentic.

How do we ensure the accuracy and currency of our credit card information?

In collaboration with financial institutions and credit card issuers, we conduct constant checks to monitor any alterations or updates to their products, including changes in interest rates, adjustments to rewards programmes and policy updates. In addition, our team periodically reviews and updates (manually and automated) our database to detect any new information or anomalies in existing credit card offers. We also review the reports provided by our users for any discrepancies or outdated information they may find. If new information is found, we take steps to ensure that it is incorporated into our database and disclosed to the public.

What is the cost of using our comparison tool?

Our credit card comparison service is completely FREE, as our priority is to help our users make informed financial decisions without any financial barriers. Although the service is free to the general public, Finmercado operates on a commission model; this means that we receive a small fee from financial institutions if you apply for a credit card using the platform, but these associations do not affect the product recommendations or rankings we present to you. Finmercado will never charge you any hidden fees or make transactions without your consent.

What measures do we take to protect your personal information?

The security of your personal information is our priority and we take strict measures to protect it from unauthorised access or hackers. These measures include advanced encryption technologies, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect the data you share with us as it is transmitted over the internet. Our systems also undergo regular security audits and vulnerability scans by independent security experts. On top of this, we implement strict physical and digital access controls within our organisation. Only authorised and trained personnel can access our users' personal databases.

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