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About Us

Established in 2019, Finmerkado places its users at the forefront of its mission. Our goal is to create financial platforms and tools that enable Filipinos to easily connect with esteemed financial partners.

By evaluating offers in line with users' financial capabilities and needs, we recommend the most fitting products to help users save time and get more insights about each offering.

Our Values


At Finmerkado, we uphold the highest standards of honesty and moral principles. As trust is the foundation of every successful relationship, we always strive to preserve this criterion and maintain that trust when working with partners and customers.


Meeting the desires of our customers is our top priority. With a customer-centric approach, we strive to deliver unparalleled satisfaction.


In the ever-evolving financial world, staying ahead of trends is essential. At Finmerkado, we champion a culture of innovation, continuously searching for new and effective solutions to address the dynamic needs of our customers.


We ensure that our processes, services and decisions are transparent. By promoting a culture of openness, we aim to remove any ambiguity, ensuring our customers always feel informed and empowered.

Why choose Finmerkado?

Finmerkado is an all-in-one financial hub for savvy users. The cornerstone of Finmerkado's acclaim is its robust financial comparison tool, helping users to consider before making a decision. Recognizing the mobile-centric tendencies in Southeast Asia, we gather unconventional data to formulate aggregated credit scores. This not only aids users in enhancing their creditworthiness but also paves the way for a broader range of services tailored for them.

We have selected and exclusively work with esteemed and licensed partners in the Philippines. Therefore, you can rest assured that all your choices are guaranteed to be safe and transparent.

Leveraging Finmerkado to search and compare financial offers helps users save time choosing between different partners on the market.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance serves as a vital financial safety net, shielding individuals from the potentially crippling costs associated with medical treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, prescription medications, and a broad spectrum of healthcare services. Without this safeguard, these expenses could pose a formidable financial challenge.

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Invest in tranquility with our secure and flexible deposit services, designed to safeguard your funds while promoting financial growth. Tailored to meet diverse needs, our offerings range from savings accounts for effortless access to your money, to fixed and recurring deposits for optimized interest earnings. Enhanced by cutting-edge online banking, manage your accounts with unparalleled ease and convenience, 24/7.

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Prepaid insurance

Prepaid insurance helps customers save their expenses. By consolidating payments into one-time expenses, policyholders can avoid the hassle of multiple payments, especially during financially challenging times. This approach simplifies budget planning while also eliminating the risk of missed payments

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Motorbike Loan

Embarking on your two-wheeled journey of exploration has never been simpler! Motorbike loan is designed to serve the purpose of buying a dream ride. With flexible terms and conditions, competitive interest rates, securing a motorcycle loan becomes a seamless and inviting process for users.

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Fast Loans

Fast loans represent a financial lifeline extended to individuals whose creditworthiness falls below the conventional borrower's threshold. These applicants typically have low credit scores, a trail of payment delinquencies, or various circumstances that deem them ineligible for prime loans characterized by more appealing terms and interest rates.

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Car Loan

Car loan is the type of loan offered by bank và financial companies with many diverse forms of lending, in terms of installment loans and mortgage loans, depending on the needs and financial abilities of the borrower.

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Credit Card

Credit cards empower users with the convenience of cashless transactions, high security along with appealing benefits. In the ever-evolving landscape of the financial industry, Filipinos are actively participating as the use of credit cards in the country develops, even though they are outnumbered by debit cards.

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 Personal Loans

Personal loan is a versatile financial instrument tailored for the needs of borrowers, often provided by banks or online financial institutions. This type of loan does not require the pledging of collateral and allows borrowers to comfortably handle personal financial issues, in terms of billing, housing, tuition, healthcare service, home repair costs, travel and many more.

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