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Up to ₱1 million
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What is needed to apply for a UnionBank Quick Loan?

21 years old and above

Applicants must be within the age range of 21 to 60 years to meet the eligibility criteria for a personal loan application.


Meeting the specific income requirement is crucial. The minimum gross annual income varies depending on the provider's policies.

Employment Status

Applicants must either be employed or self-employed with a profitable business. This ensures a stable financial background for the loan application.


Eligible applicants should either be Filipino residents or local resident foreigners with a valid Philippine billing address.

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Required documents

If you have another principal credit card:

  • Government-issued ID

If you have no principal credit card:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Proof of income (ex. payslip, ITR)
  • Bank statement of your Payroll Account showing your one-month salary
  • Signed Certificate of Employment

Have mobile phone number

Hold a valid TIN, SSS, GSIS, or UMID number. These identification codes are essential for verifying your identity and financial status.

Advantages of

UnionBank Quick Loan

Quick Loan Approval

UnionBank offers quick personal loan approvals, often within 5 minutes, compared to the typical 5-7 banking days of other banks. These loans require no collateral or guarantor, with speedy approval contingent on eligibility and complete documentation.

Flexible Loan Terms

UnionBank sets itself apart by offering an unparalleled repayment flexibility for personal loans, extending up to five years. Customers have the freedom to select from a variety of repayment plans, ranging from 12 to 60 months, based on their monthly budget.

Competitive Interest Rate

UnionBank offers highly competitive personal loan interest rates, making it an affordable option for borrowers. With lower than average monthly add-on rates and annual contractual rates, it stands out in the market for its cost-effectiveness in lending.

Appealing Loan Amount

With UnionBank, individuals have the opportunity to secure a personal loan for various needs. However, the final loan amount granted is determined by the bank's approval process.

How to apply for a UnionBank Quick Loan?


Compare personal loans

Simplify your personal loan search by using Finmerkado to compare various loan options from different providers and products.


Choose your ideal match

Review the eligibility criteria for a personal loan. Select the loan that aligns with your preferences and needs.


Apply online

Complete the personal loan application form provided by your chosen lender. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.


Complete your application

Provide essential information such as your age, income, employment, and desired loan amount.


Wait for disbursement and repay on time

If your application is approved, expect notification, and wait for your disbursement. Remember to repay on time.

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Best personal loan with low interest rate in the Philippines

The 21th century, an era of digital transformation where several countries have witnessed a surge in the availability of online financial services, especially in the developing nations. The Philippines, of course, is no exception to this rule, significantly focusing on personal loans with fast approval. In the lending area, this paradigm has empowered Filipinos to get greater access to speedy and convenient financial resources. What makes them stand out; what is the difference between personal and online loans; or, have you ever been curious about the banks which have the lowest interest, and the key players in the market offering fast approvals? Let's discover the world of personal loan in the Philippines!

Personal loans, what is it?

A personal loan is a versatile financial instrument tailored for the needs of borrowers, often provided by banks or online financial institutions. This type of loan does not require the pledging of collateral and allows borrowers to comfortably handle personal financial issues, in terms of billing, housing, tuition, healthcare service, home repair costs, travel and many more.

Distinctive traits of personal loans

No collateral required: Almost all personal loans are unsecured, or, negating the necessity for borrowers to furnish collateral, such as real estate or vehicles.

Tailored loan terms: Personal loans terms can be varied during a period of time, depending on the agreement negotiated between the borrower and the lending institution. This flexibility empowers borrowers to select terms that align with their financial goals, whether it's expedited debt repayment or prolonged repayment horizons.

Fast approval: Many banks and financial institutions in the Philippines offer quick approval processes for personal loans. This can be especially advantageous when borrowers need funds urgently, in terms of medical emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Potential for lower interest rates: Personal loans offer borrowers to choose between fixed and variable interest rates. Fixed rates afford predictability and ease of budgeting, while variable rates fluctuate in response to market dynamics, potentially introducing variability to the loan's cost over time.

Streamlined application process: To apply for personal loan in the Philippines, borrowers only need to meet some basic requirements, in terms of age criteria, income requirements, Government-issued ID, residency and a mobile phone number.

Opportunity for credit repair: Successfully managing personal loans can help borrowers improve their credit scores over time. By making on-time payments and meeting the loan's terms, borrowers can demonstrate responsible financial behavior and work toward rebuilding their credit.

The credibility of personal loans

Among thousands of different banks and lending partners on the market, borrowers need to consider carefully before deciding to borrow from any financial institutions. There are many significant factors to decide whether the lending unit is precise, as below are some factors that help borrowers evaluate the overall reliability of financial institutions.

  • Precise financial institutions in the Philippines are registered with government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). You can check for the lender's registration details on their website.
  • Transparency and clarity about interest rates, conditions/procedures in loan contracts
  • Publicly, fully post and agree on fees, including surcharges
  • Should has been operating for many years in the financial market
  • Cooperating with many other financial institutions that are also highly reputable in various fields
  • Owning several branches nationwide
  • Achieving achievements and awards in specialized fields of activity
  • Customer reviews: Remember to always check for other borrowers' reviews and ratings before considering applying for a loan. Satisfied customers often leave positive feedback, while a multitude of negative reviews may indicate a problematic lender.

How can you be eligible for a personal loan in the Philippines?

  • Age criteria: You must be from 21 to 64 years old
  • Income requirements: Meeting the specific income criteria is essential, as the minimum gross annual income varies based on the lender's policies.
  • Required documents: 
  • Government-issued ID
  • Optional documents: Proof of income (payslip, bank statement); An employment contract
  • Employment status: Applicants should have a job with a monthly stable income in order to repay the loan.
  • Residency: Eligible applicants should either be Filipino residents or local resident foreigners with a valid Philippine billing address.
  • Have a mobile phone number: Hold a valid TIN, SSS, GSIS, or UMID number in order to verify your identity and financial condition.

Which bank gives personal loans easily?

To find a financial resource to get a fund or just for an emergency situation, the first and foremost question that borrowers consider would be "Is this bank/financial institution easy to lend?". In addition to the basic requirements set when applying for personal loans in the Philippines, in terms of age, identification documents, phone number, several banks and financial companies need to know more about employment situations and income of the borrower to consider whether to approve the loan. Below are the top banks that would be easier to lend in the Philippines:

Metrobank: Metrobank has an uncomplicated loan process. Borrowers just need to submit a signed promissory note and disclosure statement and valid government ID. Metrobank's loan limit is up to PHP 1 million with an extremely preferential interest rate of 1.25%.

BPI: Compared to many other banks, BPI has a much simpler loan process. For employed borrowers, to apply for a personal loan, borrowers need to provide identification documents and the most recent 3-month salary statement. For unemployed ones, in addition to identification documents, they should submit a 3-year audited financial statement, or an income tax return and DTI/SEC business registration certificate.

For identification documents, BPI allows borrowers to use a passport, driver's license and health insurance card to register.

What is the difference between personal loans and online loans?

Whenever needed for any financial purpose, including consumption, travel, home improvement, shopping, or healthcare, borrowers have a tendency to give thought to personal loans and online loans, owing to several convenient features, as well as an uncomplicated approval process.

Personal loans are loans for one's own purposes, regarding face to face application at the bank or finance company's branch, or borrowers can thoroughly register online. Both of these methods have no call for collateral; borrowers have the opportunity to experience low interest rates and quick disbursement. The contrast between these two modalities is that applying directly at the branch may require plenty of verification documents, as well as take a lot of time for loan approval.

Meanwhile, online loan is a great choice for tech-savvy borrowers, exclusively accessible via digital platforms, thanks to the uncomplicated registration process, fewer documents, or even movement. You can get your loan with just one click.

What bank is providing personal loans online applications?

In order to save time and cut down on cumbersome procedures, currently, a growing number of Philippine banks have implemented online personal loans. Borrowers easily initiate their loan application through online registration, submit necessary documents and wait for loan approval. Some typical banks pioneering this form can be stated as:

Robinsons Bank: Robinsons Bank is one of the spearhead banks in online personal lending. Robinsons Bank offers personal loans, including Go! Housing Loan, Go! Auto Loan, and Go! Motorsiklo Loan. Borrowers can apply for a loan that suits their needs, fill out the loan application, provide required documents such as valid government-issued IDs, proof of billing address or income, submit the application and wait for approval from Robinsons Bank.

Sterling Bank of Asia: Sterling Bank of Asia's personal loans page has a straightforward but contemporary interface, allowing borrowers to find all the information they need, from loan limit, interest rate or loan term. In addition, borrowers can use the loan calculation tool to calculate the monthly repayment.

UNO Bank: UNO Bank is a wise choice for tech-savvy borrowers. With a modern, active and functional interface, UNO Bank allows users to apply for personal loans online. After selecting a fitted loan, borrowers only need to enter personal information, selfie images, set up an account and wait for approval from UNO Bank.

BPI: BPI can be said to be one of the "national banks” in the hearts of borrowers, or, providing the best personal loan in the Philippines, withfast disbursement and preferential interest rates. With only 5 to 10 minutes of registration through an online loan application, you might complete a process to get a personal loan with PBI.

What banks have the lowest interest?

Every borrower dreams of securing a loan with a low interest rate. The financial market is vibrant with numerous banks announcing competitive interest rates, providing borrowers with a multitude of choices. Among the financial institutions in the Philippines that provide personal loans with favorable interest rates, a few noteworthy names include:

BPI: BPI provides the best loan in the Philippines with competitive interest rates. The maximum Annual Contractual Rate (ACR) of this bank is 25.60%. Borrowers can borrow from 12 to 36 months, with a small one-time processing fee deducted of PHP 1,500. For example, if you borrow PHP 25,000 for 12 months, you will have to pay PHP 2,383.33 monthly.

EastWest Bank: EastWest Bank allows a personal loan limit of up to PHP 2 million. Borrowers can apply for a maximum of 36 months, with a monthly interest rate of about 1.79%. If you want to borrow PHP 25,000 for 12 months, you will have to pay PHP 2,530.83 per month.

What is the best bank for quick personal loans?

An initial factor to consider when seeking a personal loan can be stated as ease of approval. Although the evaluation timelines may vary for particular cases, hereby well-known banks in the Philippines can be mentioned having straightforward approval processes:

PS Bank: Fast like the wind, PS Bank provides a quick application process, allowing borrowers to get approval and disbursement from 1 to 3 banking days, depending on their credit history. 

PBCom: Another “God of Speed" calls out PBCom bank when borrowers who apply for personal loans can get a chance to receive approval within 3 banking days. 

EastWest Bank: Prompt processing at EastWest Bank empowers borrowers to receive an approval in 5 to 7 banking days when applying for a personal loan, whether looking to seize an opportunity or address an urgent financial need.

How to compare personal loans? 

Among numerous banks and financial institutions on the lending market, one pivotal step prior to making your application is to research and compare loans. Is this loan your perfect match, tailored to your specific needs? Can you manage to repay this loan; is this interest rate the optimal choice, or could this a precise lending partner?

A few features you need to consider before deciding on a personal loan in the Philippines:

Loan limit: How much money do you need to borrow and for what occasion? Are you looking to fund home improvements, cover everyday expenses or address healthcare bills? Each bank will have different loan limits, so it's essential to align your choice with your specific financial requirements. 

Interest rates: Low interest rates mean you will be charged less throughout the loan process. You should take a look at loan comparison tools and stay informed by perusing the latest financial news to know which banks and financial institutions have competitive interest rates. Also, take into account the annual percentage rate (APR), which includes both interest and fees.

Additional fee: Does this bank charge any extra fees, or could it be waived for the borrower? Most banks will offer zero or interest-free incentives for the first year to encourage people to borrow, and start charging fees in subsequent years. Scrutinize these terms carefully.

Loan term: How long you plan to borrow is relying on your loan purpose. substantial investments like a house or car tend to be long-term, while those for consumer expenses or travel plans are typically short-term.

Disbursement time: This is one of the crucial factors when people choose to apply for a loan. Opt for banks with easy loan application processes, quick approval mechanisms and disbursement to cater to your immediate financial needs.